Class Structure


Here’s a guide to the current MWOR class structure.

Once your vehicle’s class is confirmed at scrutinering it will carry a sticker of the appropriate colour.

Please note all vehicles must have:

  • Front and rear tow points. One basic 50mm ball hitch at each end is sufficient.
  • Double throttle springs.
  • MSA Spec. Spill kit.
  • 24mm diameter nylon recovery rope. Minimum 5 metres long.

Yellow Class:

  • RTV with wheelbase between 72″ and 100″
  • Note that 100″ wheelbase vehicles are allowed one shunt in each section.
  • Body and axles must be standard.
  • No wheel spacers allowed.
  • Can be coil or leaf sprung.

1df073_3b39c39d2943439ba7e0b740ce98e232.png_srz_p_396_291_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzBlue Class:

  • RTV with any wheelbase.
  • Can be coil or leaf sprung.
  • Standard body.
  • Non standard axles allowed, including lockers,spacers,fiddle brakes and lifts.

Red Class:

  • RTV with wheelbase greater than 100″
  • Non standard body.
  • Standard axles with spacers allowed.

Tango Class:

  • RTV with wheelbase between 72″ and 99″
  • Non standard body.
  • Standard axles with spacers allowed.

Note: All classes listed above must exit sections at marker 4


All classes below may drive 3 2 1 (If you can get there!)

All 3 2 1 vehicles must have:

  • Roll Cage.
  • 3 point harness
  • 2kg fire extinguisher. AFFF (foam).
  • Battery kill switch for engine.

Black Class:

  • Any wheelbase.
  • Any body.
  • Open centre tyres allowed.
  • Any Axles (including spacers,lockers,welded diffs,fiddle brakes).
  • Single Seaters.
  • Traction Control / Hill Descent Control.
  • Full Cage.
  • Open tyres not allowed.

1df073_0a9f06e3e29f4ceeaac6e930bcffa1c9.jpg_srz_p_396_296_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzGreen Class:

  • Any wheelbase.
  • Leaf Sprung.
  • Modified Body.
  • Standard axles with spacers allowed.
  • Full Cage.

Mauve Class:

  • Any wheel base.
  • Coil Sprung.
  • Non standard body.
  • Non standard axles including spacers and lifts.(Suspension modified).
  • Full Cage.

Also note:

All soft top vehicles will require steel roof or crash helmet and also a suitable roll hoop.

Where spacers are allowed the maximum width of these is 35mm.