Trialing Explained

A trial is a test of driver skill and vehicle capability. The actual competition itself consists of 8 or more short courses (sections), which will be marked out with pairs of marker canes over a variety of terrain. These are driven one at a time which allows you to watch others attempt the section before you have a go, generally taking it in turns to go first.

The object of the exercise is to drive through the pairs of canes without touching them or stopping… Sound easy? Come and try it! Obviously, to mainain vehicle control, a steady speed is required as you are not racing against the clock.

The scoring system works on how far you manage to travel before you stop forward motion or touch a marker cane. The score is defined by the numbers on the canes.

The courses are designed to start quite easy but get more difficult towards the end enabling everyone from the beginner to the experienced to test themselves and their vehicle.

Our trials are set up to cater for a wide range of vehicles from fully modified specials to full bodied Range Rovers etc.

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